Liebert® eXMTM 80kW - 200kW

Efficient, Flexible Power Optimized For Medium Size UPS Applications

Medium Size UPS as dynamic as your business

Small and medium sized businesses need UPS solutions that deliver lower first costs and ongoing operational savings, high reliability, and enable speed and flexibility in a dynamic IT environment.

Vertiv’s commitment is to deliver the most technologically advance product for our customer’s mission critical applications, is once again reiterated by our next generation UPS series Liebert® eXMTM

Liebert® HIPULSE-UTM 30kVA - 500kVA

Utmost Reliable Power Solution for Critical Business Applications

The Liebert® Hipulse-UTM offers a reliable, scalable and user-friendly solution to ensure availability of various critical applications. The Liebert® Hipulse-UTM offers protection to your investment, and provide lower cost of ownership through its digital architecture and range of options which you can customize specifically for your needs.

Liebert® EXLTM S1 100 kW to 1200 kW

Liebert® EXLTM the New T-free Monolithic UPS Generation Delivering Secure Power and Maximized Energy Saving

Liebert® EXLTM, the new generation of 80-NET UPS, delivers unsurpassed performance to medium-large Data Centers as a result of proven track record, successes, a reliable large installed base and more than 10 years of acquired experience with the 80-NETtechnology.

Liebert® APMTM 30kW - 300kW

The Adaptive Power Manager For Your Dynamic IT Infrastructure

The Liebert® APMTM is the compact UPS system designed to protect small medium computer rooms, with maximum energy eiciency in minimum footprint.

It features FlexPowerTM technology, which incorporated distributed intelligence and scalable power in a common assembly.

It is suitable for small and medium businesses with the attitude to grow fast: thanks to its architecture that enables the UPS system capacity to start as low as 30kW which can grow with the business up to 600kW*

LiLiebert® EXSTM 10 to 80 kW

Compact design and improved performances The new Liebert® EXS is a monolithic transformer-free UPS which brings exceptional features for mission-critical applications. Its extraordinary double conversion efficiency up to 96.2% ensures remarkable operational cost savings, reducing both the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the environmental impact.

At the same time, with its unity output power factor and high power density, Liebert EXS is able to provide the utmost active power possible in a compact footprint. In fact, its improved design reduces its footprint to a minimum, providing continuous power protection with optimized internal runtime in a standalone solution, making the Liebert EXS perfect for both IT installations and other mission critical applications, such as transportation, emergency lighting, healthcare, retail and government facilities.

Liebert™ ITA 5-40 kVA

Liebert ITA is a full featured transformer free scalable UPS designed to oer compact, eicient and reliable power to power thirsty modern electronic gadgets. It features double conversion online design that ensure continuous high quality power even when the main AC power fails.

Utilize state of the art technology and components to withstand fluctuation of input main voltage. Extra wide input voltage and frequency range eectively reduces the discharging period of battery; thus prolong battery life.


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